EQUAL GROUND is the only mixed organisation in Sri Lanka working towards mainstreaming Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) issues.  We appreciate and welcome support from non LGBT persons and realise the need to all work together to create a stable, EQUAL and harmonious society in Sri Lanka.

The idea of this Blog is to exchange ideas and views.  It is not a dating service or a sex site nor will it entertain any socilicitations of any kind.


  1. It’s all positive stuff! 🙂

  2. being a transgender,infact is a state of being in two worlds at the sametime.The mentality of a transgender definitely differs from that of an average person with quite a natural physique.A girlish face,wellgrown breast, and glowing soft skin “alas”couple with male genitals, what would one think of a creature of that nature?What actually is the real identity of a person of that nature?Childhood spent like a boy.But at the adolascence when the breasts start growing with the change of voice along with more girlish features appear ,parents get bewildered. The main problem they encounter is whether to dress “it” as a girl or a boy. and then the schooling.The child who has been used to male clothes suddenly is forced to dress up as a girl.I still can remember the first day on which I put on female shool uniforms.Underskirt,bra(which was very uncomfortable at the time) and a west.My mother didi not look at me directly.

  3. You fucking disgust me. You’re outcasts because your lifestyle is an abomination.

  4. Dear, dear Steve…..you poor thing…the fact that you are bothering to read this blog means you are definitely interested, and scared that you are interested…..classic signs of a closet homosexual. Come on baby…just step out…you will feel so much better!

  5. Well I like to continue from where I left.I attended a mix school which was little away from home. This was b,cos my parents did’nt want to face the social stigma of having a freak in the family. At the begining that was a respite for me as well but with the time I encounted an immense problems. I was living with girls in the girls’ hostel. Nobody knew I was a transgender at first. But my well kept secret was out oneday and I was humiliated to the hilt. We had a concert and we all were dressing up for our items in the dressing room by accident my underskirt sliped and my best friend who was helping me to dress witnessed everything. she demanded me to show up all and promised me to keep the secret. she was amazed at the sight of a penis in a girl’s body but began to like it. Thereafter we were very close and we had sex several times.

  6. Hi
    I am searching a gay friendly boarding place(Bed Space) around Colombo.
    Pls help me to find a place.

  7. im gayan.harvey milk is my hero.he was the person who fight get gay rights usa.. sri lanka has lot of gay people.but they are shy about thire gay life..we should stopp this.we are not a pations.we are also the same like others..we should keep our respect.and we should fight to get gay rights in sri lanka..we cant do it alone..we should get together as a one family..we can do it………..

  8. I am a lesbian and I have had enough problems being different. Unfortunately Sri Lanka considers homosexuality as a taboo and there is no way for us to come out and express ourselves. But I think all the gays and lesbians should get together and fight for our rights I think we can do it.

  9. If you feel so strongly about it Shan, why don’t you get in touch with us and fight alongside us? The more we are the louder our voice will be!

  10. I would be more than happy to fight for our rights, that is one thing i badly need to do.

  11. How can I be an active member of your org.?

  12. Dear Shan,
    Please give us a call and schedule and appointment to come and see us. This will be a good start. You can reach us at 5679766 or 2512977.


  13. Hi, I am Jerry and from Colombo,

    Once i got to know that i am gay, i was scared that i will not have a future, Today i am proud who i am i am strong enough to face the truth i am not shame about my self at all. my country thinks Gay is just who do anal sex thats all, country does not know that Gay feel love, sad and 100% normal human being. We have to come together, we have to be strong enough individual, we must accept who really “i am” start sharing your life truth with your friends. it will help one day “Sri Lanka” to accept LGBT, as long as we live hidden it will take years to do a impact. If we could come out then it will help some one LGBT to breath freely one day. I am telling you being LGBT is 100% normal. have no shame about who you are.

  14. Hello,Im ftm transgender. Any advice on choosing a new name?

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