Sydney to host gay rugby World Cup

SYDNEY will host the next gay rugby World Cup after successfully winning the bid to bring the tournament down under.

Founded in 2002 to highlight the problem of homophobia in sport, the Bingham Cup is one of the world’s largest non-professional rugby tournaments will be the largest sporting event to be held in Sydney since the 2002 Gay Games.

Sydney will be the seventh city to play host to the Cup in 2014.

Bingham 2014 Sydney Bid Committee President Andrew Purchas said the tournament was introduced to curb the bullying and slurs directed to homosexuals in sport.

“The tournament will shine a national spotlight on homophobia in sport, which is still endemic to many of our country’s sporting fields and experienced by young gay athletes,” he said.

“Terms such as gay fag and homo if used to insult, have no place on the sports field, in the play ground, or the work place.”


The Bingham Cup was named after the gay man who helped wrestle flight UA 93 from terrorists during the September 11 attacks in the United States in 2001.

Former Wallabies captain John Eales said the event was more than just a rugby tournament.

“Regardless of the football code you would like to play, sexuality should be irrelevant consideration,” he said.

“Unfortunately this is not a reality and there is still work to be done to eliminate negative stereotypes and homophobia in sport.”

Australia is home to the world’s most successful gay rugby union team, The Sydney Convicts. Prime Minister Julia Gillard was also in favour of the Cup coming to Sydney, supporting the Convicts bid to host the games last month.

“Australia is a sports-loving nation which also has an abiding commitment to diversity and mutual respect,” she said at the time.

“In recent years, Sydney has hosted the gay games, the Olympics and the Rugby World Cup with a remarkable spirit of openness and celebration.

“I know that Bingham Cup participants would receive the same warm and generous welcome.”

Interstate teams The Melbourne Chargers Rugby Football Club and Brisbane Hustlers Rugby Football Club have also welcomed the announcement of the win. They will assist in hosting and also compete in the tournament.

The direct economic benefit of the win has been calculated to be worth in excess of over $4million.Image