EQUAL GROUND into 7th year

EQUAL GROUND, a non profitable trust working for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning community blasts into the new year with a full program of events, projects and an LGBTIQ Center in the heart of Colombo.   Community members are encouraged to drop in and make use of a DVD and book library filled with LGBTIQ films, novels, research and educational materials and a number of other publications.  Definitely NO PORN!  So those of you who are silly enough to think this should wipe their minds clear of it!

WE are pleased to welcome new members and old members to our center for movie nights, fellowship evenings and special events.   The center is also available for community members to hold meetings, rehearsals, and games such as carrom, badminton, cards, board games etc.  We also operate a counseling service for the LGBTIQ community on three hotlines:

The first line (which is a mixed line) can be reached on 5679766 or 2512977 – Monday to Friday 930am-530pm
The second line (women only) can be reached on 5748705.  This line is operated by only Women volunteers and staff trained in LGBT, sexual  and mental health issues.  Also open – Monday to Friday 930am-530pm.  We will soon extend the counseling hours to late nights and weekends as well.

Give us a call or drop in!




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