Going half way with gays

SATURDAY, 26 JUNE 2010 02:14 – DAILY MIRROR, Sri Lanka

By Indika Sri Aravinda

The government said yesterday it was prepared to talk to the Sri Lanka’s gay community, which called for equal rights, but would not take any decision which might damage the Sri Lankan culture.

Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratna said gays and gay marriages were accepted in some western countries but the community here must explain what they meant by equal rights.

The government could then consider its request.

“It is not wrong for them to seek of equal rights. They must tell us what they mean when they speak of such rights. We can then take a decision based on whether the granting of such a request will damage our culture,” the prime minister said.

Last Sunday Sri Lanka’s gay community called for equal rights and urged the authorities to emulate India, which had removed restrictions placed on the gay community in New Delhi last year.

Equal Grounds Executive Director Rozanne Flamer Caldera, speaking at a fashion show organized by Sri Lanka’s gay community said all people must be treated as equals whether they were gay or straight.

Equal Grounds represents Sri Lanka’s gay community and the fashion show held at the Galadari Hotel saw gay and straight people on the stage portraying equality. Several prominent personalities including diplomats were present at the occasion.


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