Colombo PRIDE 2008 concludes on a HIGH note!

Colombo PRIDE 2008 concluded on a high note on Sunday 6th July with the Rainbow Kite Festival on the beach in Mt. Lavinia.

Beginning with the spectacular Drag show I have a Dream held at the Lionel Wendt Theatre in the heart of Colombo, and ending with a multicoloured fiesta – the Rainbow Kite Festival on Mt.Lavinia Beach, Colombo PRIDE 2008 hit new heights as several hundred people thronged the festivities held throughout the week.

The first ever LGBT Art & Photo Exhibition was a resounding success, with many, many people browsing the gallery and appreciating the exhibits on display at the Barefoot Gallery.

The LGBT film Festival added much needed character and excitement with documentary movies such as For the Bible tells me so and Jihad for love being screened to packed houses each night.

The Annual PRIDE party was a riot of colour and people as Colombo celebrated in true ‘gay’ abandon at Club Nuovo. Over 300 people packed the venue and celebrated PRIDE till 5am the next morning!

Sunday morning 6th July, was clear and bright for the start of the Rainbow Kite Festival at 12noon. Although a dark cloud spewed rain for 20 minutes it did not dampen the festivities or the spirits of the attendees! The Kite Festival rocked till 8pm in the evening and a good time was had by all!

Courtesy EQUAL GROUND website



  1. All this is very well and good, the privileged LGBT community had a whale of a time drinkign and partying the week away.

    But what benefit did any of the oppressed rural members of the LGBT community get out of all this??

    Has your parties and drag shows changed even a single thing for the better in these people’s lives?

    Maybe next year ‘equal ground’ should try and be more equal in their plans for Pride Week!!

  2. Dear E-Lez,
    we are indeed sorry that you have obviously missed the whole point of Colombo PRIDE but urge you to come to our office and see for yourself what it is we do for the rural members of the LGBTIQ community. PRIDE is about just that….Pride in oneself as a Lesbian, Gay man, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex or Questioning person. Its a time for celebrating one’s sexuality, one’s gender identity, without fear, without shame.

    We find that the biggest critiques of EQUAL GROUND have never actually bothered to find out exactly how we work and in which areas…they simply take an event (and all of these events generate great publicity and awareness on LGBTIQ issues, but more than anything, it raises the point that LGBTIQ persons are just as normal as everyone else) and make that the focal point of their criticisms. Of course we certainly appreciate that you have taken the time to write. Its a step in the right direction!

    But sometimes, rather than criticize, perhaps you need to look into yourself and see how you can assist an organisation such as EQUAL GROUND to reach the areas you feel we lack. We are always open to any kind of assistance. After all, we are only a 4 person office trying to make all of Sri Lanka (rural and urban) a safe and accepting place for our LGBTIQ brothers and sisters!

    And yes, the parties and drag shows have changed many people’s lives (please see our website for comments about the drag show). We get calls, SMS and emails daily telling us so….and it is not just from the Colombo social circle – it is from Valachenai, Batticaloa, Anuradhapura, Badulla, Tangalle, Negombo, Kandy and many other places from where several LGBTIQ person came to celebrate PRIDE with us in Colombo and where we conduct workshops and other outreach programs!

  3. Way to go EQUAL GROUND! This organisation is actually trying to do something positive for the LGBTIQ community in Sri Lanka which is more than can be said for the other two bogus organisations COJ and WSG. One never even hears if they are still around, or if they are actually doing something for the community other than collecting funds.

    Take a moment to read my comment to this urban urchin person who has also shot his/her mouth off without knowing the facts (scroll down for that comment). It just gets me all wound up when idiots such as E-lez and urban urchin shoot their mouths off without bothering to know the facts and without bothering to actually do something themselves about the very things they criticize this organisation about. Again I say…put your money where your mouth is and go and work with EQUAL GROUND or open your own organisation and work for the ‘oppressed rural members of the LGBT community’ – how ridiculous can you get!

  4. 😛

    Rabbit, please let’s not get down to name-calling 😉 Speaking of which, I’ve found some idiots in my lifetime who have proven to be smart ones just trolling around blogs and the like in the attempt of trying to provoke negative reactions….

    Maybe I should re-phrase and say, ‘Please let’s not feed the trolls’ 😉

    And I think that Equal Ground isn’t quite limited to Sri Lanka alone, they pretty much touch base with the Sri Lankan LGBTIQ community across the globe. I missed pride week this year at the last moment, though, I sure do look forward to being there next year. 🙂

    @E – LEZ: Am unsure as to where all the dissing sprouts from when it comes to all things Equal Ground 🙂 And I’ve noticed the same from a couple folks within the comment sections on other blog postings here, but am really interested in hearing more about any facts, figures and possibly first hand accounts where those ‘oppressed rural members of the LGBT community’ have experiences in terms of Equal Ground’s outreach.

    Don’t get me wrong, am not pointing fingers here, but rather trying to figure out why there’s frequent pockets of people expressing their constant distaste against a non-profit organization who are very passionate about going that extra mile for the LGBT community.

  5. Rabbit , I quit. Like Malaka once said, u r a moron.
    Discussions must be healthy, you should respect each individual opinion even if you have reservations about that.
    I criticize Rosanna, EG for all the elitism, BUT still I admire her courage and everything. I LOVE to have her on my FB and all. Criticizing or having different views have nothing to do with personal attacks….
    go and learn some ethics first…

  6. Hi EG. Was there most of the week and I’d like to congratulate you all on a super Pride Week. Just a few points I’d like to clarify – can we march next year? Not a proper Pride Parade but some kind of march? I don’t think its illegal to march for a cause, or so I would assume so.

    Also, the EG website had quoted 2 bloggers’ posts on the drag show, one being Hissyfits and the other myself with only the posts and no reference to us, the writers. I’m thrilled that my post is up there but standard blogging rules site that the blogger needs to be referenced. Not angry, just commenting.

    Keep up the good work all. Pride really rocked!

  7. Having read the comments left by ‘Rabbit’ on previous posts. I will not even bother to reply to the personal attacks that seem to be consistant in all his / her communications.

    It’s obvious he / she seems to have a personal issue with anger management and should take steps to deal with it before joining in an educated and decent discussion of any sort!

    “which is more than can be said for the other two bogus organisations COJ and WSG. One never even hears if they are still around, or if they are actually doing something for the community other than collecting funds.”

    Maybe the reason he / she hasn’t heard of any of the work carried out by WSG, is because their work doesn’t take place in the air conditioned luxury of the Colombo 7 party circuits!

    I believe it’s he / she who should do a little more fact finding before making baseless accusations against other equally important organizations.

    I will definitely like to see a post on how ‘Equal Ground’ plans on using the funds raised during pride week to help the LGBTQ community in the up coming months.

  8. Dear Missing Sandwich! Our profound apologies for not linking your posts (and that of Hissyfits) on our comments page on the EG website. We have now rectified this error and apologise again for the lapse.

    Dear E-Lez,
    While we appreciate your comments, we find the hostility in your tone quite strange. EQUAL GROUND does not have to prove anything to anyone on these blog sites. If you need to find out how we use funds raised at our fundraisers, please feel free to come into our office and enlighten yourself. You will see just how we use the funds we raise and all the work we do. You should know as well, that the WSG supported EQUAL GROUND at Colombo PRIDE 2008. Their members participated in the Drag Show and they were invited to give away their publications and sell their PRIDE paraphernalia at all of the venues of PRIDE.

    EQUAL GROUND finds these attacks on its integrity by people who know nothing of its work, quite tiresome and needless. It is the old adage that people only throw stones at a tree laden with fruit! We invite anyone who wishes to know more about our work, to come to our office and see how we work and on what we work on. At the end of the day, we will let our work speak for itself.

    Best wishes to all!

  9. well all I have to say to Unbound Urchin and E-lez is this – you need to check your own anger management issues before pointing fingers at me! I just state the fact as I know it….you on the other hand have to revert to name calling, which just shows who is angry and who isn’t!! I know a good anger management therapist you can go to!

    As for E-lez, didn’t the WSG just have a party to raise funds as well? So what is the WSG doing with those funds? I would definitely like to see a post on how the WSG is using their funds!!! Do tell us E-lez….or get out of the kitchen if you can’t take the heat!

  10. BTW e-lez…what personal attacks and whom, are you referring to. Please speak for yourself when you say this, because it has not been me that has gotten personal it is you and urchin! Obviously your idea of a debate is to get all bent out of shape, call people morons and accuse them of having anger management issues! How personal is that!!!

  11. “when idiots such as E-lez and urban urchin”

    Direct quote from your comment Rabbit….

    Now show me where I have called you anything similar…!!!

  12. Time really is a wasting E-lez!

  13. Rabbit, E-Lez, Urchin… why alll these attacks about funds and what not? I thought the core objectives of ALL the organizations (EG, COJ,WSG) were one in the same. All of you seem to be letting petty politics get in the way of that.

    Also, as EG rightly said, how can anyone judge how funds are dispersed simply by what you see externally like the parties? You CAN’T assume if you don’t know the whole story.

    EG – thanks for the rectification. Hissyfits has been quoted now. But I still remain anon. He he. No probs though. 🙂

    Oh and I called and left a message about volunteeing for your hotline giving my name and details but no one got back to me. If you guys aren’t full up with volunteers on this project, I’d really like to help.

  14. Dear MissingSandwich,
    Thanks for your post. We have now posted comments about Colombo PRIDE 2008 on our website. The previous comments were just on the Drag show only – this is why your comments were not included!! Now they are and your blog address is also included! Once again sorry for the omission!

    The week after PRIDE and also during PRIDE the EG office was quite inundated, so forgive our lapse in not getting back to you with regards to volunteering. But could you please send us an email at with your phone number and your details and we will call immediately to see how we can work together.

    Best wishes,

  15. Any EG movie nights coming up this week? 😀 or next? 🙂

    Anyways, I find it quite hilarious that you folks are all out there in the open with a physical presence and an open door policy with immense confidentiality yet there are certain folks who can’t bother stepping into the office and ironing out issues but rather throw out random rants at EG… 😛 ‘Free entertainment’ 😀

    We really shouldn’t be feeding the trolls on this blog 😉 have them troll away and off some place else…:P


  16. “Time really is a wasting E-lez!”

    Is this actually supposed to mean anything at all???

  17. Well, well, “Rabbit” or more likely Rozanna…. other some cryptic reply about “time a wasting”…. I’m still awaiting a reply to my question of where and when I insulted you during the course of this discussion.

    “when idiots such as E-lez and urban urchin” —- your direct quote….

    Obviously you have no real reply to give me!

  18. no point in replying to someone who evades and changes the subject when they are cornered. Thanks for thinking I am Rozanna…..I would love to be her! And yes you are an idiot! There…I said it! Why don’t you answer my questions without trying to push the envelope on one sentence?!!

  19. Dear E-lez,
    While we appreciate your comments and your debate with others, please refrain from trying to ‘out’ people on this blog. We encourage persons to air their views under the cover of anonymity. You may think you are being smart with Rabbit by trying to out him/her as Rosanna. Whether or not this person is Rosanna is no body’s business and certainly not your place to guess. Kindly refrain from using names on this blog unless a person wishes that their name is published.


  20. HA HA HA…!!!!

    Looks like certain people’s true colours are starting to show….. and the colour sure ain’t part of the rainbow…..!! 🙂

  21. Also “RABBIT”… (please note I have stopped refering to you by name)

    Kindly enlighten me as to what question of yours I have avoided answering.

  22. Sigh! Why are some people so dumb? E-lez…..this is not about you trying to outsmart me and vice versa….read the previous posts regarding the questions…and if you still need to know what …then just forget it because you are simply not getting it!

  23. Oh I get it alright “RABBIT”….. You’re the very epitome of everything snooty and stuck up that the so called “Equal Ground” stands for….!!

    IF you have ever bothered to visit the WSG site, you would be able to see details of every single project they have done upto date and the proper way in which they are utilizing the funds collected. This is of course something the “Equal Ground” Admin claims is too tedious a task for them to handle!

    You obviously are the very person I earlier ‘outed’…. much to the annoyance of the ADMIN….. which probabaly explains why you’re such an apologist for Rozanna and the Equal Ground modus operadi….

    It also definitely explains the levels of obvious hate and venom that you invariably spew at anyone who does not does not does not fall over themselves trying to further bloat your over inflated ego…!!

  24. I guess the “E-LEZ” was quite right whn she called you by your real name


  25. HA HA HA……!!!!!

    Looks like the secrets out “MISS RABBIT”……!!!!!

    you’ll have to start defending your UNEQUAL GROUND under a new psudonym…!!!!

    HA HA HA…..!!!!

  26. he he he ….

    well done E-LEZ and killromeo…
    finally the eras of the rabbit has popped out..
    the funniest part is each time Rabbit (Rossana) comments there’s another comment from so to call Equal Ground (once again( Rossana ) post …
    any idiot would understand that….

    Diplomatic Rossana = Equal Ground
    Real Rossana = Rabbit

  27. oh i forgot…. these comments are made by the EG and by Rabbit are done at the same day following few minutes…

  28. killromeoproject… you’re not gay! Why on earth are you debating the dispersal of funds in the gay community when it has nothing to do with you? Is this just for kicks on your part?

  29. 😉

  30. he he he…
    oh my dear themissingsandwich…
    does killromeo have to be Gay to give a comment about this ?????
    im sure that uv’e seen 3/4 of the ppl who comes to EG events are highly posh straight ppl…

  31. Oh! I get it! when cornered, try to deflect attention by making silly comments and accusations. Keep taxing your brain cells dear E- Lezzy…you will never guess who it is!! And I say once more Rosanna rocks!! Yeah!! She’s the hottest and she’s the best!! And she gets things done! Wonder whether there’s this sort of jealousy thing happening with E-lez….perhaps she’s sad she can’t be Rosanna!! Perhaps she’s also rather hostile because she doesn’t get the prominence that Rosanna gets!! Poor baby…get a life sweetheart!
    As for kill romeo…you are a shit stirrer aren’t you!! I love it! Keep going baby…you are making my day!

  32. Wow! Never ceases to amaze me how it is members of the gay community themselves who are attacking a group that is making things happen for that community!

    Venom from outside the gay community is understandable but from inside…no wonder we are not getting anywhere here in Sri Lanka with the whole gay issue. And now we have Queer jumping into the fray….its a get EQUAL GROUND and Rosanna team effort!! Fantastic……perhaps I should switch sides as well considering that is how it is done here in Sri Lanka….

  33. I have been involved with the work of the WSG, COJ and EG for some time now and have watched this blog site with growing alarm at the comments, allegedly by some who claim to be gay with pseudonyms such as Rabbit, Queer and E-Lez and so on. Just to inform those who keep using these word ‘elitists’ and ‘Colombo 7 party circuits’ and the like, I would like to share the following:.

    The WSG had its first fund raiser in 2001 – A drag Show at Barefoot. It then had several parties (DV8, Women on Top and others) at venues such as Cascades, Blue Elephant, Tabu, Rhythm and Blues and so on. COJ has numerous events at the BMICH (which is in Colombo 7!). I feel it is rather silly and unproductive to slam Equal Ground for its Pride celebrations and its work as being elitist and catering only to the affluent. Queer also mentioned that “3/4 of the ppl who comes to EG events are highly posh straight ppl” but fails to understand that ‘posh’ people also have the right to attend functions and have just as many issues with their sexuality as with everyone else. I think he/she conveniently forgets to mention that EG has stated “We get calls, SMS and emails daily telling us so….and it is not just from the Colombo social circle – it is from Valachenai, Batticaloa, Anuradhapura, Badulla, Tangalle, Negombo, Kandy and many other places from where several LGBTIQ person came to celebrate Pride with us in Colombo and where we conduct workshops and other outreach programs!” which means that there are others who have attended Pride as well from all walks of life.

    On another note, it seems that many have missed the point about “Equality for all sexual orientations and gender identities” which means that the organisation obviously means to reach out to everyone, straight or gay, rich or poor! So straight people attending and supporting gay events is admirable and should be encouraged!

    Perhaps its time everyone joined in solidarity to fight against injustices to the gay community rather than fight amongst each other. All three organisations do an amazing job considering the problems they face being who they are. Let’s support them and assist them instead of trying to pull them down.

    Shame on all you who purport to be from the gay community but want nothing more than to tear organsiations to pieces and also the people who are doing such good work for these organisations. I am totally amazed at E-lez and Queer who have chosen to slam EG’s Rosanna. She is after all the first Sri Lankan to be elected (twice) to the position of Secretary General of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) which has a constituency of more than 600 members globally and is considered the UN of Gaydom! We should be proud that a Sri Lankan has reached such prominence worldwide rather than trash her. I for one am very proud to be Sri Lankan when I see one of our own achieve such prominence. Recently, she was voted by GO Magazine in the USA as one of 100 women “we love” along with Ellen Degeneres, KD Lang and many other amazing women from all parts of the world. Shouldn’t we feel proud of this, that a Sri Lankan has made it into this magazine and is considered in a list with so many prominent women?

    Come, come now all you angry people out there…..better to support in solidarity then create friction with our own community.

  34. well, its seems very interesting reading this section on pride week celebrated in Sri Lanka. which has brought all these feelings out. hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm…………interesting!!!! at least it has been spoken about states that something powerful has happened during this week! either it was successfull to such an extent that it was the envy of those who didnt wish to participate in the first plave and suddenly “BANG” right in your face, the right ups, comments, the blogs…… all on this one event that took place in this island of Sri Lanka.

    well thinking of LGBT in this country is always a hush hush subject. and I guess this is the only time an Organization such as Equal ground and WSG have got together and done this. (As from the information that I got) is that WSG was involved with the drag show as well as the art and photo exhibition as well as the kite festival too.

    so thats a big step too, as to prominent organizations in this field have come together and celebrated this special week! but as i was talking about LGBT in the dark, doesn’t this also refer to confidentiality of members of these organizations, hence the work done for these communities are really not going to be on news headlines for everyone to read???

    so think about what we are going on about here! respect confidentiality of the community so that the work that has been done so far could be done even further without this abuse and putting people into a position of been insecure with the very organizations that are supposed to look into Rights violations, sexual abuse, violence, sexuality issues and health issues!

    I agree with mardigras in most of whats been said, But having said that….killromeoproject, E-lez, queer, you need to really need to see who the community is, and that LGBT community does not only live in certain circles, we are all over and all of us need some sort of support at some point of our lives. where we go is our business and who we get help from is also our own decision.

    and so by ridiculing efforts of organizations trying to make a difference aint helping us – “the Community” which you guys seem to be standing up for!!!!

    and rabbit, stirring up this “cess pit” seems to get a thrill for you. heheheheheheh!!!!! I agree to the fact that no names should be brought out in this forum as that is completely out of hand too. but Rabbit cool down! let the people say what they want to!

    this is an open forum? lets get all their inputs and see what ideas the so called “for the communities” people have to share!

  35. I personally feel that all gays and lesbians are a shame on this proud country of ours!

    The authorities should further strengthen the existing laws and totally wipe out this social menace from our land!

    These morally bankrupt group of people are continously corrupting our youth by enticing them with money, alcohol and other unspeakable vices in order to pervert them to their cause.

    What is the cultural ministry and the clergy of this country doing to prevent them from openly flaunting their illegal behaviour with “drag shows” and “kite festivals” that promote more and more people to break the laws of this sovereign country?

    Gays and Lesbians are a bigger threat to the future of this country than the LTTE and should be wiped out from this country!!

  36. Hmmmm…..strangely silent after this very revealing mail from Mardi Gras….although I must say I don’t like being lumped in there with E-lez, Queer and kill romeo……..and how about this antigay patriot….hmmmm…..must be some frustrated straight guy who hasn’t got it in a long time and is just angry that we do, all the time. Isn’t it fun to be gay! so many men….so little time!




  38. Anti gay may be you should do uncle gay .. try it you may like it son.

  39. why so much of hate Anti Gay . sri Lankans shamelessly do much more things to each other than being openly Gay my friend. have you walked out side and looked at whats going around you all the killing/ child Molestation /child trafficing that you straight people are so proud to do., why dont you go put some real bad guys in jail for once than making nasty comments on folk that have done you no harm .

    Get life BOY.

  40. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Anti-gay Patriot…………………seems like, from what you say “HOT FRUSTRATED MEN” and “WAITING TO TREAT YOU RIGHT” are phrases which …………………ahem “WE” would use!!!!!!

    quite questioning i must say. seems like you been there, done that, seen it and got the t-shirt too! 🙂

  41. @ Shane1m and Hotrod,



  42. Shirt lifters and pillow biters! seems like you must have had the experience dear Anti Gay otherwise how would you know? You are soooo pathetic! Besides, are you not tired as yet with all the Capital letter rubbish you have been spewing….what school did you go to? Oh! wait a minute…you didn’t ….that’s what this is all about. Or no, perhaps you went to Trinity or St. Thomas’s….this is how you know about pillow biting!!

  43. SO true Rabit he /she (anti gay ) knows so much of the lingo you would think that he/she has been there done that and more..

    Hotrod mate i think you hit the nail.

    So Anti gay how was it the pillow biting ??

  44. Yeah Shane1m and rabbit, it seems this poor things needing such a lot of love and attention as he/she must be missing the pillow biting and shirt lifting, ooooooooohhhhhhhh……….I feel so sorry, for once I feel that someone is jealous of me that i’m gay and having what they wish to have!!!!!! heheheheheheheh!!!! ah! and maybe AGP was maybe at the kite festival and other pride events, and was seeing all the fun that we were all having as a fun loving bunch! and maybe didnt get lucky and is depressed about it! as nobody may have hit on him/her! Sigh! maybe next time hon!

    probably AGP been in the closet set the gay-dar off course and that why couldn’t get a hit!!!! 🙂

    better luck next time hon!

    take care and see you soon!!!!!

  45. Dear Friends,
    While we appreciate all comments, we would appreciate it if you don’t post profanities on this blog. As such, we will delete any comment containing swear words which we deem inappropriate. If you are wondering why your comment did not get posted, it is probably because the moderator found profanities in the message. Please delete these words and send your comments again.

    thank you.

  46. Hats off to everyone who has done something in the past so many years. There have been the WSGs the EGs and the real deal – Companions!. then there have also been individuals (ex: ALEX/Sampath/Banu) and various bands of merry men and women who have organized everything from small outings to house parties to just a meeting at the beach.

    To many of EGs feverent friends and supporters (who most would have to admit are of a certain class and social strata or just not sri lankan) the groups many events might seem important and relevant. In fact they can be considered so if all of Sri Lanka was like Colombo and was made up of people that frequent these events.

    The sad truth is that it is not so. This is the issue most in the community (who are aware of the existence of EG) have with regard to EG. Because Sri Lanka’s LGBTQ community is far flung and living in hiding. You see traces of it at MC, public toilets etc. These people do not even understand their sexuality leave alone come out and dance. You wanna do a book exhibition? Go ahead do a book exhibition. But maybe at the art gallery and not barefoot! You wanna throw a party? Go ahead throw a party at a 5 star hotel. But also throw a party at a less intimidating venue.

    IF EG is holding aloft the rainbow flag then hold it high for everyone. Not just for show or for the world press. The issues faced by the community in Sri Lanka and I do understand there is a way of going about it. You cant march or parade or push the envelope too far becuz the next thing you know we’d all be ganged up and publicly humiliated. While the many ‘international’ friends of EG may come to their rescue the average community member will have to bear the brunt.

    But If EG is holding the flag up and claiming ownership then their deeds, events, tone, approach should also not discriminate. Take a ride in a bus. Go cruise at MC. understand the community better.

    Finally EG has a big problem when it comes to respecting others and their opinions. everybody has a right of voice, surely an org working fr the rights of a discriminated social sect should know that. Hope the EG of tomorrow will surely be a place we can tread on in equality. Cuz right now it just isnt so!


  47. I could not agree more with the comment above. As much as Equal Ground’s intentions are all good, its claims that it serves all the Sri Lankan LGBT population just isn’t true. I’m sure Equal Ground is trying to widen its outreach, or so I hope. One must sincerely hope so, or the whole point of rallying for equality would be lost. I’m sure Equal Ground will have a lot to say in defense of this: But what truly opened my eyes to this fact was that when I attended any of their functions, I could not help but notice that it was always the same people. If that’s what they want, which is not wrong at all, then they should just have invitee only parties and openly say so; because its as good as an invitee only party anyway. Their book launches, film nights and parties are at high-end venues and clubs. Of course I have been present at many of these functions because I believe in supporting a good cause, and their cause is definitely good. I hope over time that they will work out these small flaws. Until then and ever after, they have my support. I only wish to see organizations such as theirs grow and flourish.

    The second thing that I have to say is this. And this is for Equal Ground directly. In the light of the recent matters; where conclusions were jumped to and then people offended, I must say that I hope that the directors of Equal Ground will pick their battles carefully from now. It is one thing to rally for a good cause and for the right of all people; but it is quite something else to get worked about silly jokes. It has happened before, and they run the risk of people becoming weary of their preaching. What is someone if they are unable to laugh at themselves? Are we so determined to be ‘right’ that we can no longer have a laugh at ourselves? Jumping to unfair conclusions without really knowing any facts and then bashing the wrong people is quite dangerous to their reputation as an organization. And getting riled up at things are quite clearly a joke is quite silly. Like I said, it has happened before and people are beginning to see them as uptight and bleeding-heart.

    All communities have to have the ability to laugh once in awhile; life being gay surely is not ONLY about fighting for your rights. Being gay is surely NOT the defining thing about who you are. Mu sexuality does not define me, and I hope this is the same for everyone. Fighting for a cause is good, but we most not let that become the ONLY thing about us. I have heard black people telling black jokes and Jewish people telling Jewish jokes. I have also heard gay people telling gay jokes!

    Another thing is that there are some comments here that I see as being equally rude and petty as the ones they so loudly condemned. Just as much as Anti Gay Patriot’s comments were trashed for being ridiculous, I condemn comments by Rabbit too. But the admins of the blog allowed this petty mud slinging and name calling to take place. Because we only notice something cruel when it is being said against us, it is never cruel if is being said to defend us.

    It is sad that Anti Gay Patriot’s comments got just the reactions it was looking for. If only they had been mature and let it pass.

  48. why the sudden change of heart electra…your friends whining to you that they have been tarnished by EG? And to think that you are now to be grouped with the ignorant who think that gay bashing is a joke!! Or did you not know that in civilized society they term this kind of rhetoric, a hate crimes.

    So its ok to call people Perverts and Fagoting but calling people idiots is not so nice is it? How puerile can you get? And all of this hate speech condemning the Gay community is being blamed on moi!! Fantastic! People can find excuses for the worst kind of behaviour. Its like Sadam saying (after he was captured) that he only did what was right for the people!!

    I can admit that I have an acerbic finger and I do right provoking stuff, but I will never stoop down to insulting and maligning a whole community because I got ticked off at someone’s comments. Electra darling…grow up.

  49. and is it ok for the AGP, E-lez and Queer to jump to the wrong conclusions about who I am but it is not ok for an organisation to protect itself and its community by bringing the culprits to book? Double standards as always…..and electra darling… gotta admit the pride events were an absolute blast!!! And although the music ‘was only retro’ and not house….a good time was had by all!!

  50. hey guys, why are we still on about this crap???? i believe the time we have spent on this issues within the last week or so….did you guys know that everyday people are getting infected with STIs and HIV? and getting raped and abused in their families….. and workplaces…..???? so having this “No Go” conversation makes no sense! energy spent on petty things like this would be more effective if we put all this negative energy and switch it to the better……….ahem! probably a fantasy i guess but nevertheless from this I hope we all learn to put our differences aside and even the organizations….. come on people! we need to understand that all the organizations cant target the same people…..these organizations address issues from their own communities which would benifit the greater good of us all!

  51. The pride events were not a blast for your information! The music was retro and insanely too much of it. But when we came we came to have fun. No complaining about the music we just frigging danced anyway. Be thankful that we just didn’t leave and head off to tramps or D’s. And the beach party wasn’t any better. To start off most people were not comfortable being seen in daylight but they still wanted to come and when they did towards the evening it was winding down. least said about the other events the better.

    Basically EG can take these criticisms the right way, do some soul searching and improve in the years ahead. Or EG can chose to keep on doing this and lose what little pride and respect left. Cuz i honestly wont comment any further or waste my time trying to open up tightly shut EG eyes, ears and minds. Until there is proof of a change of heart and approach I nor my friends will be there at any future EG events.


  52. Dear Dicklodopus …I get this sneaky feeling you and your friends will not be missed!!

  53. As a beginning statement, I want to say that I am an outsider from your community so I do not purport to have a complete understanding of gay life in Sri Lanka ( I live in the U.S.). However, there are many parallels in what has been said on this blog to how GLBT people experience their day-to-day existence around the globe, including America. Additionally, I have been educated in psychology and worked extensively with the GLBT community here along with persons who are mentally ill and/or HIV+. I myself am gay, so my experiences are relative to a degree.

    We (Americans) have fought for equal rights for all GLBT persons for a very long time and have gained some incredible noteworthy ground. However, the truth remains that it is only fairly safe for us to live our normal everyday lives without fear of reprisal or violence in a few of the very largest and most civilized cities here. Also, there are a number of large companies and smaller job operations which have put protection in place which includes those different than the majority, from a sexual orientation perspective, in addition to race, religion and ethnicity. Many still have not. Since we do not have socialized medicine here, health care and insurance are always a problem as well. Some of the same companies that are insuring equal rights for GLBT persons are also allowing them to have health insurance for their significant others. Additionally, there are now a few States that are allowing legal “civil unions” for GLBT persons however those laws are under attack and may very well be reversed.

    Having said that there are a couple of issues I have read about in this blog that are exactly the same here and there. I have to agree with hotrod fully in that the absolute worst thing any organization or group can do is have infighting amongst themselves. You all have the same basic goals and if you want to succeed, you must join together as a team and work out your differences. Even if it seems on the surface that this organization only works with or supports big city wealthy privileged people, it is wise to be mindful that sometimes that is the place to begin. Afterall, the community at large is more likely to be supportive in a larger city and it is the powerful and wealthy people who are going to be the ones to get the ball rolling. Any grassroots organization needs that to have the strength and ability to then be able to fight for the underdogs who are even more victimized by the current state of affairs. Again, it is true that the average person most likely jeopardizes their own personal safety by standing up and putting themselves out there. That is exactly why it is an advantage to have an agency to foster the work in the beginning (I say beginning as that term is more contingent upon the level of acceptance in the community, not to imply that the organization or the situation has just started).

    Also as a matter of fact there are many persons in this country as well who literally hate us for our sexual orientation, just as Mr./Ms. Patriot has expressed to you. Generally they stand behind religion or fear as their justification for their behavior. One fairly well known example here in the States is a so called Christian “Pastor” who literally pickets the funerals of anyone who is gay or has died of AIDS (Here in the U.S. heterosexual transmission is quickly becoming the predominant mode of infection) and harasses the family and friends of the departed. I ask how barbaric is that? I say that as a preface for the fact that my question to these persons who are so against LGBT persons is “Why do you have such a problem with this?”

    The sad truth is that if the answer is based on religion, there is no religion (barring warped cult-like bastardizations of the mainstream ones) that preaches/teaches hate. They are all based on love and peace. Even the manners that they utilize to teach their beliefs and educate/convert outsiders to their belief system does not encourage violence or hate. So, the argument for those who place their justification in religious views is without justification in the teachings of their own religions.

    Additionally, Sexual Orientation that is different from the predominate heterosexuality is not considered a mental illness here in the West. Also, it is not considered to be “contagious”; most specifically no one is going to teach your child or anyone’s child to be a homosexual or a GLBT person. We are not a threat to your job, your family, your home or your ability to live your life just as you want.

    The discussion then moves to an endpoint. Without religion or fear for your family or wellbeing as a justification for hating GLBT persons what reason is left? Sadly, this is generally not admitted by these people but the reason stems from self-inflicted psychological misery either because that person has denied feelings that are congruent with being GLBT themselves or because they are so insecure in who they are or their own status in life, that they must find “someone” to hate in order to feel that they are at least better than them and not on the bottom of the heap themselves.

    I admire the approach of EG to welcome this type of person into their office to understand that there is no threat to the general population by GLBT persons, and would not necessarily advise against this approach. However, at least with the level of potential violence here in the West I would advise you to be cautious as some people are not mentally stable enough to act logically in a given situation. I am by no means accusing Mr./Ms. Patriot of this with this statement just making a general statement based on the situation potentials.

    Finally, I want to wish EG and all of the members of the GLBT community in Sri Lanka, health, happiness and success in becoming equally accepted citizens in your community as well as freedom of mind for your adversaries that they may be able to end their own internal struggles and proceed with an equally fulfilling and productive life. The world both struggles with you and supports you in your efforts.

  54. ‘tightly shut EG eyes, ears and minds.’

    Whoa! that’s some pretty strong accusations 😉 So the mudslinging continues I guess…(in all forms and sorts) time to move on from the petty things in life I suppose and focus on a community approach (instead of randomly spewing rants) to improvisation of upcoming LGBTIQ initiatives in Serendib 🙂 Anyone?

  55. Dear Dicklodopus ………………………

    “The pride events were not a blast for your information”

    compared to what? other pride events held in this country???? or maybe you are referring stuff that you and your fiends have experienced abroad? well for some of us who dont have the privilege to go abroad or even spend and go to parties such as “sex parties” happening all over town. I must say that the week that EG had put together considered our pockets as well as the kite festival sundown was over after “sundown” ! get the picture???

    unless you can not only criticize, but also speak to them and give them your ideas as in how to improve without saying “this wasn’t good, this happened…. blah blah blah” and without been aggressive……………… just say what it is that you and your friends would like? and if possible support it babes! its fun that way too you know?

    well you can take my comments and do what you want! i am just sick of all this bitchiness, towards an organization who is trying to please and work for us. bloody hell with tis types of attitudes I would have had a nervous breakdown to please all you buggers. just think of it, say ten years ago……….think!!!!!……………please think!!!!

    did we have any of this then? (the bitchiness maybe) but did we have pride parties an festivities and to be able walk around hand in hand freely? even your sex parties you go to………..think of it honey! we have come along way so stop the bitching all of you and see the brighter side of things! please for all of us who still need what ever support we need just to get through our days!

    hope things will change……..”sigh”:

  56. Hotrod i could not have said it better my self , yes i agree that we have come along long way from ten years ago to what we are now . at least there are people who are not ashamed to be who there are ….

    EG has done us all proud ….

  57. dear all, I do have to state one thing for the record though! it was due to EG that my parents now accept me and respect me! and they were with me at the pride events as well! and i have to say that I am proud of the as they are in their 70’s and still came for the pride events!

    so there!!!!!! can most of you or anyone of you state that their parents would join you in pride?????

    and EG supported us all the way!

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