LGBTIQ Organisations together in solidarity!

At the recently concluded South Asian Peoples’ Assembly held in Sri Lanka from 18th to 20th July at Vihara Maha Devi Park, Companions on a Journey, EQUAL GROUND and Womens Support Group came together in solidarity to host a booth for a congregation of South Asians from all the SAARC countries that attended the Assembly.  Over a thousand publications from all three groups were picked up on this one day.  Delegates thronged the booth for copies of newsletters, publications on HIV/AIDS, Same sex domestic violence, Breast and Cervical cancer and others.  On Sunday, marching under one banner proclaiming ALL HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL, the three organizations marched with supporters, holding rainbow flags and banners aloft with a true sense of pride and solidarity.  A truly Sri Lankan “Papare” band ensured ‘baila’ music flowed continuously during the march and the three beautiful drag queens dancing to the music, also ensured all eyes were on the Rainbow contingency! Needless to say, we were the brightest, most noisy and amazingly fabulous contingent at the parade!

We will be posting photos on the EQUAL GROUND website very soon….so stay tuned!

Colombo PRIDE 2008 concludes on a HIGH note!

Colombo PRIDE 2008 concluded on a high note on Sunday 6th July with the Rainbow Kite Festival on the beach in Mt. Lavinia.

Beginning with the spectacular Drag show I have a Dream held at the Lionel Wendt Theatre in the heart of Colombo, and ending with a multicoloured fiesta – the Rainbow Kite Festival on Mt.Lavinia Beach, Colombo PRIDE 2008 hit new heights as several hundred people thronged the festivities held throughout the week.

The first ever LGBT Art & Photo Exhibition was a resounding success, with many, many people browsing the gallery and appreciating the exhibits on display at the Barefoot Gallery.

The LGBT film Festival added much needed character and excitement with documentary movies such as For the Bible tells me so and Jihad for love being screened to packed houses each night.

The Annual PRIDE party was a riot of colour and people as Colombo celebrated in true ‘gay’ abandon at Club Nuovo. Over 300 people packed the venue and celebrated PRIDE till 5am the next morning!

Sunday morning 6th July, was clear and bright for the start of the Rainbow Kite Festival at 12noon. Although a dark cloud spewed rain for 20 minutes it did not dampen the festivities or the spirits of the attendees! The Kite Festival rocked till 8pm in the evening and a good time was had by all!

Courtesy EQUAL GROUND website