Ban Homosexuality in Sri Lanka (specially among Sinhalese) – Jathika Chinthana Pravahaya

On June 9th 2008, a group called  ‘Jathika Chinthana Pravahaya’ (JTP) claiming to be the voice of all patriotic Sri Lankans posted this homophobic nonsense on their blog. Firstly, it is more than nonsensical to say they represent ALL patriotic Sri Lankans! Secondly, they need to be more educated on reality and stop living in their fantasy world of hate and intolerance.

Please read this article and make your voices heard against this kind of homophobic rhetoric.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Homosexuality is not recognized as a sickness in the Western world. This might be cause in the west there is an undue importance is given to individual choice. Sinhalese national ideology does not object to choice, as some other Muslim or communist countries do, but obviously that should be within the limits of reasonability.

Homosexuality is against the biology. Two males or two females cannot produce another human being. That would be an unproductive relationship as far as the science is concerned. So it is not a question of choice but a question of rationality. If everyone selects to be a homosexual the entire human race will vanish from the face of earth before long.

Population expansion rates of the Sinahlese nation is going down. This is a serious concern because among all the other races in Sri Lanka the rates are going up. Sinhalese today constitute 74% of the population and hence the majority. If the rates of population grwth fails among Sinhalese while it increases among other races what would happen? Soon Sinhalese will not be the majority. That is why we should be extra concerned about this issue. Otherwise Sinhalese would be the first few races to be wiped out from the face of earth without anyone produce offsprings to take forward the generation.

Homosexuality is also against our Jathika Chinthanaya. (National Ideology) Mahawamsa or any other ancient literature do not reveal anything even remotely related to a homosexual relationship. So the first thing we should admit is this is not a part of our culture. It is alien to us. Once we realize that it is easy to understand why we have to not just discourage it but also ban it altogether in Sri Lanka. Anybody who is involved in any homosexual relationship should be punished according to the law. (We do not need any new laws as we already have laws here to curb this menace.)



  1. I believe this blog site is being run as a satire site….. I highly doubt the people behind this actually believe a word they say.

    Its all tongue in cheek!

  2. Oh! My ! Satire or not this is quite damaging and demeaning to the LGBTIQ community in Sri Lanka. I wonder why people would think it funny (unless they are straight and homophobic) to make fun or denigrate LGBTIQ people? Isn’t the world screwed up as it is without targeting people just because of their sexual orientation. Isn’t this how it all starts? Strange …..very strange and rather stupid!

  3. Rabbit you have to look at this post in the context of its other posts… this is just one more in a line of increasingly absurd articles. On it’s own it is incredibly offensive agreed but as a whole this blog is not be taken seriously. The whole point is to lampoon the mindset of people who actually believe this tripe… hence the satire… basically It’s funny not because it calls for a ban on homosexuality (as if it were some evil cult recruiting the ‘youth’ of Sri Lanka) but because of the preposterous nature of its articles and the mindset of those that would actually take it seriously.

    Finally Rabbit, I think it is incredibly ignorant to think that the only people who would find this funny are straight and homophobic people… If you have a bizarre, satirical bent to your sense of humour you will find this funny (gay or straight)

  4. Dear Colombo,
    I doubt very much that you are gay, so naturally you would of course find all this stuff funny. But I identify as gay, have many friends who are gay and lesbian and also trans, and don’t find this blog humourous at all. Neither do any of the LGBT persons I have spoken with or mailed with on this issue. Satirizing a group of people who are the most marginalised and discriminated against in this country is neither funny or appropriate. So, my friend… is not necessary to press the point on this issue – we will agree to disagree!

  5. I’m gay, and I thought that post was hilarious. What the gay community needs less of is the stifling political correctness that people like you, dear Rabbit, suffer from. Don’t claim to speak for the LGBT community either; they extend way beyond your own intimate little circle. I agree that the LGBT community is the most repressed and most marginalized group in our beloved little homeland full of repressed and marginalized groups. But, articles like the one above, when placed in a blog so obviously full of satirical intent, has the great virtue of opening the eyes of people in the mainstream to how absolutely ridiculous the bigot’s point of view is.

    And just in case you haven’t actually understood how outre this article is, just read the following paragraph again “Homosexuality is against the biology. Two males or two females cannot produce another human being. That would be an unproductive relationship as far as the science is concerned. So it is not a question of choice but a question of rationality. If everyone selects to be a homosexual the entire human race will vanish from the face of earth before long.”

    Mind you, it probably helps if your sense of humor hasn’t been surgically removed at some point in your life.

  6. rabbit, like colombo says have you read the blog ? check the other posts. they are simply provoking your reaction.
    but i guess EG have to protest. thats their job.
    oh well.
    a waste of time.

  7. Colombo, I think rabbit have a point here.

    Let me make it clear (as much as possible)
    1. That web site makes the ban on homosexuality in Sri Lanka looks like an absurd idea and they are making fun of it. (You know it is already banned right? – it not that web site is calling for make homosexuality illegal).
    2. According to Rabbit, Him and LGBT community does not like anybody making fun at that law.

    Now, I do not know why Rabbit consider ban of homosexuality is a holly subject not should joke about, like it is the declaration of independence or magna carta. I think that is a laughable and absurd law. But If Rabbit think it is a holly law that should not make fun at, then who I to talk about it (and you Colombo too). I’m straight. And I thought it was funny. Oh! My! Now I’m homophobic too!

  8. […] Equal Ground on a homophobic reaction from a group that claims to be the voice of all patriotic Sri Lankans. Posted by Neha Viswanathan Share This […]

  9. Dear Rabbit,

    Why is it that most LGBT people seem to lack the capacity to laugh at themselves? Having a number of gay and lesbian friends, and having attended some of their parties, I’m definitely not a homophobic person.

    But I still found that post humourous, in the light of all the other posts on their site.

    I believe Equal Ground is just making a mountain out of a molehill in this instance.

  10. To each his own. Let them reap whatever they sow. Let the ojne who hath no sin on him cast the first stone.

  11. Well, both Malaka and Colombo miss the point completely. Perhaps sitting in their own little closets contemplating what is good and what is bad for the gay community has given them a warped sense of what is funny and what is not! Having a number of gay friends and attending parties is not really the same as being gay yourself, Colombo. It is a typical reaction by a condesending hetero who feels that because he has a few gay friends and attends a few parties he is now in the know!

    As for you Malaka, you have the wrong end of the stick as well. I don’t speak for the whole LGBT community – never claimed that. If you read my comment you will see that I mentioned ….”have many friends who are gay and lesbian and also trans, and don’t find this blog humourous at all. Neither do any of the LGBT persons I have spoken with or mailed with on this issue.” This hardly represents the WHOLE LGBT community! And you should not try to speak on their behalf either. You may be gay…but you certainly are not out there putting your self on the firing line are you? You are probably sitting deep in a closet somewhere hoping mommy and daddy don’t find out that their precious son is queer!

    I still maintain…and it really dosn’t matter how many straight and wanna be queers say otherwise….this blog (Jathika Chinthanaya) is offensive, dangerous and the people who thought to make it a joke need to get their priorities right and their heads screwed on correctly.


  12. Dear Rabbit, I give up. You’re clearly a moron.

  13. I give up. You’re clearly a moron.

  14. @ Rabbit,

    I totally agree with Malaka’s last comment. It’s attitudes like your’s that actually serve to further marginalize the LGBT community.

    the whole nose up in the air “we’re so terribly different from other people’ attitude gets a bit tiring after a while you know?

    But I guess everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. So, while you find this post offensive, I choose to find it utterly hilarious!

  15. When confronted by logic and the truth, the only thing that can be said is: “Dear Rabbit, I give up. You’re clearly a moron.” How absurdly immature and ridiculous! As for Mr. Colombo – of course you would find something like this hilarious. the same type of hilarity that is expressed when a group of men go around “ponnaya” bashing (picking up effeminate men and assaulting them) just for the fun of it. Yes, this is a practice that still happens here in Sri Lanka. This too is just done for the fun of it. I bet those people who are assaulted don’t find it funny at all!

    And no…we are far from different from other people, but it is ignorant people like you Colombo, who make the laws that criminalise more than 10% of this population because of who they are

  16. Since we’re all being terribly offensive, and immature, please check: this out. And, dear Rabbit, for a person who can’t see the difference between making fun of bigotry and making fun of the marginalized, you really, really shouldn’t be lecturing others about logic. And, please don’t get your titties in a twist about the article I just linked to. If the LGBT community can’t laugh at itself, as all other sections of communities do, it only invites the jibes of others.

  17. Really Malaka, it is you who has got his titties in a twist. No one is lecturing any one on anything, just passing opinions. However, it seems that these opinions have now got to calling people morons etc. If you can’t stand the heat – stay out of the kitchen little boy!

  18. Dear Friends,
    It is a pity that some of you have decided to sling personal arrows at each other over this particular article. While we encourage you all to voice your opinions here, we would very much appreciate a little etiquette when posting comments.

    Please refrain from getting personal and calling each other names. We will not publish your comments if this is to continue. By all means comment on the issue at hand, but do not start slinging mud at each other on this site.

    With thanks.

  19. I agree with thekillromeoproject on this one.. thise guys are just playing aroung. even making fun of the very conventions that you quite righfully stand against.

  20. @ Rabbit,

    I’m at a bit of a loss as to why you keep referring to me as ‘Colombo”…..?

    Also I would appreciate if you would not jump tp assumptions about what I find to be hilarious.

    I never said I found “Ponnaya bashing” (to use your own words), to be amusing in any way. Making such assumptions and accusations is definitely one way to increase the antagonism felt towards LGBT community tho.

    As to it being people like me who passed the law making it illegal to be gay, again, you jump to assumptions about me. In fact, I have personally sat down with Rozanna and discussed how to go about doing a human rights campaign for LGBT rights in Colombo.

    What I did state was that I found the satire of the site in question to be hilarious. The simple fact that you cannot see the manner in which they have poked fun at the bigots with this attitude is sad.

    What I find most disappointing is the fact that the LGBT community (judging by your attitude) seems to have absolutely no sense of humour (hence the reason “Equal Ground” felt the need to highlight the site in question). And a community that lacks the capacity to laugh at itself will always be a marginalized one.

  21. This is not about the capacity to laugh at ourselves, this is about a ridiculous blog that is offensive. Say what you like – killromeo (?), malaka and others……you are all entitled to your opinions as I am as well! What is ridiculous here is the venom that is creeping through when someone disagrees with you! You don’t have a clue as to what a sense of humour is. Chin up, it will come to you one day!

    By the way, humour is like a painting…beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone thinks the same way…some may think like you killromeo or colombo or whoever you are, that the blog is funny and some may think like me, that the blog is offensive. Either way, we are at liberty to post our feeling here on this blog site, not to get all bent out of shape because you know I am right!!! See a little humour in that killromeo?? Malaka, how about you?

  22. How dare you say “bent out of shape”? Queer joke!!!

  23. Obviously, Rabbit wants to cling to his own opinion of the site in question, which his undeniable right.

    Where he senses any ‘venom’ in my replies are of course a mystery to me.

    Most of the comments on this post seem to be very good natured and friendly(Maybe Malaka’s comment about a moron may have crossed the line). In fact the only person who seems to have got ‘all bent out of shape’ is Rabbit… lol

    However, I would like to ask the ADMIN of Equal Ground, did they actually think this site was for real, given the nature of the rest of the articles that preceded it?

  24. Looks like Rabbit thinks he have authority over everything gay. But he seems to forget where the gay people come from. They come from us, us heterosexuals. So you can’t say “Having a number of gay friends and attending parties is not really the same as being gay yourself, Colombo”. How you know?

    Rabbit did a good job, a marvelous job, pointing out that web site is not a joke (there for it is true and serious). And those things they wrote about Gays and homosexuals, such as they will erase out humans from the face of the earth is not a joke (there for it is true) and it is not sarcasm when they say “homosexuality should be banned” (there for we should). I think thekillromeoproject didn’t understand what Rabbit really trying to say. So stop considering that post as a joke (Rabbit say it is not). Take it serious. Please!
    Side note, I think that post is somewhat follow up to the Sinhala post I thought Chinthan Post was a cleaver and funny answer to much serious stuff in this post. But after Rabbit point out it not funny, I agree I’m wrong. All this are serious stuff. May be they have a point.

  25. I am not in to banning or elimanating homosexuals. But, trying to understand this phenomena and finding a equilibrated solution balanced between nature and culture.

  26. These are not my comments either

  27. I see the ADMIN of Equal Ground has decided to keep a diplomatic silence with regard to the question I raised in my earlier comment….

  28. Dear Friends,
    We appreciate everyone commenting on this site. However, we will not be baited into a debate on the comments posted by you all. All of you are entitled to your opinion and we welcome your comments on this blog, however, we will not comment on any disputes taking place on this site – we merely give you all the space to debate opinions. Thank you.

  29. LOL…..!!!!! There was no intention of baiting anyone into debating the COMMENTS made here. I was simply asking the ADMIN a simple question. But I guess it’s a bit hard to give an answer now that this debate has started, without either accepting the said site is offensive or that a over reaction has occured.

    So…. I guess we shall have to accept your ‘diplomatic’ silence…. LOL!!!!

  30. Wow
    first it was go “anti tamils”, then it was go “anti christians” n now its go “anti gays”, for teh love of god dont these people have anything else to go against…….like pollution…sheesh!

  31. Well killromeoproject certainly needs to get attention all the time too! Losing the argument, he turns on the EQUAL GROUND and expounds. Just to put everyone’s mind at rest, the LGBT community laughs all the time and certainly their humour and their abilities are always sought after by gay and straight alike. However, we are certainly not laughing at this jinthana blog site – it ‘aint funny – and it is really amazing that there some that actually think ‘gay bashing’ is funny. pathetic!

  32. @ rabbit,

    How you ever arrived at the conclusion that I was argueing is beyond me….. I believe I was having an open discussion….. 🙂

    But since you obviously need to put your own mind to rest, I will not go any further with this discussion….. 🙂

    P.S. I never said anywhere that I found ‘gay bashing’ to be funny. I just maintained that I find the satire in the article to be funny.

  33. so guys what about this one?
    I know that this will happen and that’s why i’ve waited for this long, and I was right: no one noticed what is going on for the ‘other people’ of Sri Lanka.
    I hereby ask you the so called equal grounders, please never never again boast about your ‘inclusivity’!!!
    This is so discriminating and too insulting. I’ve already questioned the elitist nature of EG in my posts but I neer knew that this exclusion had a ethnic dimension too…

  34. diplomatic silence again?
    ha ha..

  35. Dear Unbound Urchin,
    We have been quite busy with our PRIDE celebrations hence the silence. EQUAL GROUND is quite used to criticisms such as yours. We do our work to the best of our abilities. With the little resources we have. We cannot please all of the people all of the time. You are of course entitled to your opinion as everyone who writes comments on this blog are entitled to theirs.

    We will leave the comments on the blogsite you have linked here to those who wish to engage on it.

    Happy PRIDE!

  36. How Diplomatic!!!
    I’m not proud, your elitism and exclusion make me shrink 😉 loll

  37. Isn’t it really super to be deep in your closet and criticize people who dare to be out and proud and who are actually doing something for the LGBT community here? Here is a challenge to unbound urchin – why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and do something about all of the criticisms you have leveled against this organisation? I for one applaud EQUAL GROUND – I am a huge fan of theirs. I have recently attended their Pride festivities – what an eye opener. Certainly the launch of the short story book by a chap named Nihal Senarathna did not reek of elitism. Nihal’s first language is Sinhala – his book is in the vernacular and is really quite super. I noticed all of EG’s information sheets, publications and also their campaign for safer sex and HIV/AIDS prevention (Adare Pata) is in all three languages. the film festival was amazing! Several very well though of documentaries mixed with some lighter LGBT movies. The crowd was a great mix of people from all walks. I asked the organisers why they insisted on using venues like Barefoot for these kinds of events (since I too thought it was perhaps a tad elitist!) and they answered that it was due to security reasons. They felt that they are better able to control things if it started turning nasty. I had to agree with that.

    So, Urban Urchin – instead of spewing your extremely childish venom on this blogsite, why don’t you approach Equal Ground and ask in what way you can assist to dispel this notion that they are elitist and exclusive and whatever else you think they are! Its little closet cases like you that think they know everything – do you know how to run an organisation like EG and please everyone? If you do, please come forward and offer your services to this organisation instead of sitting at your PC/Laptop making comments such as you have. And BTW…can you think of your own lines instead of using thekillromeoproject’s lines!!??? “Diplomatic silence” – get real!

  38. Oh! yes I almost forgot. Reading Rainbow News I was struck by the fact that EG has been conducting workshops for Tamil speaking people from places like Batticaloa, Valachchani, Hemathugama, Trinco, Madhu and Ampara. They have also apparently hired a field officer – Tamil speaking – to liaise with the folks in these areas. I met the person (field officer) at Pride….he had nothing but praise for the organisation and especially Rosanna – the ED. He could not speak English very well, but nevertheless i understood what he said. Having attended the drag show last Sunday I was also struck by the love that poured out of that stage and the amazing reaction of the audience when Sahran made a very moving speach about why celebrate Pride here, including the fact that there were several Pride marches in India running simultaneous with the launch of Pride here.

    I hope urban urchin will take the time to read some of their (EG’s) publications and speak with some of their staff and members….perhaps then you will realise how asinine your comments truly are.

  39. @Unbound Urchin: what elitism and which exclusion are you on about? 😉 Am interested in learning more 🙂


  40. Sorry guys, was out of a fuckin net connection..
    //Isn’t it really super to be deep in your closet// Rabit
    do you think that you know who i’m and what i’m doing? stop making guesses abt other people’s lives, okay? I’m out and all my friend know who i am. For my family in jaffna, I’ve my OWN reasons (which you’re not going to understand in your elitist way of thinking) for hiding it.
    Yea, it’s an eye opener, bu for whom? that IS THE QUESTION rabbit.
    //EG has been conducting workshops for Tamil speaking people from places like Batticaloa, Valachchani, Hemathugama, Trinco, Madhu and Ampara.// Rosanna once wrote to me explaining all these things. I’ve my own points for that. but with my little english, it’s very hard to convey. But I’ll try to write things down within one week,
    //Am interested in learning more // Ange
    Hmmm, I’ll write (may be in Tamil), get that Tamil guy o translate it… will meet you all soon with my essay…

  41. if government ban gay sex lot of gay sex lovers do it privately. However it is grate to ban. I advice gay sex lovers to be careful when making contacts. Be happy with good once.

  42. Folks, I am a sri lanka living in the west and I migrated only because I just couldn’t be in the closet. I am thrilled to see what Equal Ground is attempting to do and on the article posted by the homophobes should not be taken lightly. There is nothing funny about spreading hatred (that’s right, that’s what it amounts to) and diminish the importance of recognizing people’s rights.
    The most important thing I picked up from this article is that they seem to think people make a choice about their sexuality. If you want to come out of the closet and live freely like men/women with some dignity, start talking some sense into these people that still believe in Mahawansaya and the law that applies in SL, which by the way, is hundreds of years old and outdated.
    I have lived here for 10 years and have a sense of what it means to be truly free and not having to worry about what my neighbour might think of me or if someone might throw a stone at me on the street.
    If you want freedom, start talking, talk about love, equality and natural order of the universe and help them understand why we are gay.

  43. who ever wrote this stupid article is extremely close minded and stupid.

  44. By punishing gay and lesbeans,they wouldnt become straight nor would the population of a race be increased.

    Anti gay laws were brought into this country and many other by the british…however,just because the western world is tolerent of “being gay” does not mean the rest of the world shold copy them-atleast not Sri lanka. we are not western and we remain Sri Lankan/Asian!…..however, the point is it is high time,not only Sri Lanka,also all other countries accept and respect ones sexual preferences.

    I support any pro gay movement in my country.
    I will continue to be gay.

  45. Just because the west is tolerent of “Homosexuality”,Sri Lanka as an independent country does not have to follow what the west does….we are Sri Lankans and we adopt out rules!

    However,as a Gay Sri Lankan man,I think it is imperative,that we as a nation moving forward, must recognize,accept and respect every human beings sexual preference.

    After all, Sri lanka isn’t that bad for the gay population.yes,laws are there but when did the last “Gay arrest” takek place? ….Everything will fall into place at the correct time.Relax!

    Bit of info:-
    Just have a short visit to where I live in the “Middle-east”. then,all you complaining guys and gals will understand, what it is like to be “restricted”.consider yourselves LUCKY to be gay in Sri Lanka!

    Good Luck. x

  46. The text says: If everyone selects to be a homosexual the entire human race will vanish from the face of earth before long.
    What a chance for the world!! I’m almost sure it wouldn’t be a worse place without us (the human race). Give it a chance! Save the world, live your homosexuality and be happy!!!

  47. I can’t help buy saying no one “selects” to be homosexual, being one myself, I believe it is pre-determined likely before a kid is born. Secondly, homosexuality has existed through out human history and has been ackowledged by some cultures in the past. The modern research proves that in any population or culture, a little less than 10% tends to have homosexual trends. That didn’t stop the human race from surviving or growing. So let’s exmine our facts.
    I would challenge the SL folk who claim this is not part of their culture, look deeply in your own families and if you look hard enough you will definitely find closeted gays marrying the wrong people and living miserable lives. Trust me, I know, I ‘ve seen it happen before I moved. The real deal is that, by not admitting the true nature of haman sexuality, we not only supress the gays, we also put a whole bunch of heterosexals from enjoying life and literally condemn them into a life that no one wants. I saw my partner for ten years getting married and spending three nights in a hotel with his new wife with no desire for her and it nearly ruined both their lives. How many others should go through that before we understand?

  48. I think arguing seated behind computer screens does not make any sense because even if you think you have won you still are retarded. Debating is not the way out unless you volunteer yourself to step back and look at the chaos from outside and start seeing the REAL truth…

    I’m 21, Sri Lankan and homosexual. What used to come to my mind before anything else when I thought of homosexuality (being closeted back then) was the feminine, high-pitched, cross-dressing, etc. people. I had never met a homosexual person before being open about my sexuality. That portrayal of homosexuals was instilled in me thanks to what I grew up seeing and hearing from the media! Having cleared the hurdle of coming out in a society that has nothing for me other than hatred, now seeing the bigger picture, I see it’s not at all what I used to see back then… When people talk to these radio shows on homosexuality that rarely air, I hear vast majority of them talking about the trans-gendered people who sell their souls for money surging the streets at night. Well that alone explains how much they know about this topic-LGBT… And people with that degree of conscience judging your life is indeed pathetic 😦

    All that in nutshell, I believe we should start from the media and then educate the less open minded people that it’s more to the lives of these people who are just like you and me other than this small aspect of life *Fingers crossed*

  49. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!

  50. every one has forgoten about the above artical. it is both funny and offencive. an open minded smart guy would see that it’s just rubish but the truth is we live in sri lanka and most people beleave what they hear on the TV,radio,news papers and even stupid articals like this. this so calles JTP is no better dhan the which hunters or the ku klux klan in the past who minipulated the weak and impressionable minds to spread their hate.i ,myself finds the artical point less but the trouth is not everyone thinks like that because how they see it. i had a gay friend who killed himself because of this kind of rubish. u all think this to be funny? i don’t because the young minds who goes through puberty(as confusing as it is to anyone) dosen’t see it that way. he was one of my best friends and i loved him like a brother.don’t think everyone has your emotional capacity. you ask for equal rights. see that not everyone is equal even when they should be given equal rights. hence the symbolism of the rainbow flag. “all the colors united as one”.

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