Ban Homosexuality in Sri Lanka (specially among Sinhalese) – Jathika Chinthana Pravahaya

On June 9th 2008, a group called  ‘Jathika Chinthana Pravahaya’ (JTP) claiming to be the voice of all patriotic Sri Lankans posted this homophobic nonsense on their blog. Firstly, it is more than nonsensical to say they represent ALL patriotic Sri Lankans! Secondly, they need to be more educated on reality and stop living in their fantasy world of hate and intolerance.

Please read this article and make your voices heard against this kind of homophobic rhetoric.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Homosexuality is not recognized as a sickness in the Western world. This might be cause in the west there is an undue importance is given to individual choice. Sinhalese national ideology does not object to choice, as some other Muslim or communist countries do, but obviously that should be within the limits of reasonability.

Homosexuality is against the biology. Two males or two females cannot produce another human being. That would be an unproductive relationship as far as the science is concerned. So it is not a question of choice but a question of rationality. If everyone selects to be a homosexual the entire human race will vanish from the face of earth before long.

Population expansion rates of the Sinahlese nation is going down. This is a serious concern because among all the other races in Sri Lanka the rates are going up. Sinhalese today constitute 74% of the population and hence the majority. If the rates of population grwth fails among Sinhalese while it increases among other races what would happen? Soon Sinhalese will not be the majority. That is why we should be extra concerned about this issue. Otherwise Sinhalese would be the first few races to be wiped out from the face of earth without anyone produce offsprings to take forward the generation.

Homosexuality is also against our Jathika Chinthanaya. (National Ideology) Mahawamsa or any other ancient literature do not reveal anything even remotely related to a homosexual relationship. So the first thing we should admit is this is not a part of our culture. It is alien to us. Once we realize that it is easy to understand why we have to not just discourage it but also ban it altogether in Sri Lanka. Anybody who is involved in any homosexual relationship should be punished according to the law. (We do not need any new laws as we already have laws here to curb this menace.)