Psychologists…they call themselves! How absurd.

The Island Newspaper of the 15th February 2008 carried an article by Dr. R. A. R. Perera, a consultant Psychologist entitled “Treating alternate forms of sexual expression”. His assertions about homosexuality seem to come straight from a text book on psychological disorders from somewhere in the 1700 perhaps! But the sad part about the whole article is that he lumps Homosexuality and Transgender with Paedophilia and Voyeurism as forms of ‘alternate sexual behaviours’. It is totally absurd of course and only goes to prove that Homosexuality and Transgender are totally misunderstood in this country.

The following are excerpts from the ‘eminent’ doctor’s article in the Island (and how shameful of the Island continuing to print homophobic articles and letters – at least they are consistent in their bigotry!):

“The commonest sexual orientation disturbance could be identified as homosexuality.

A homosexual can be identified as a person who experiences sexual arousal in any behaviour which includes sexual relations with the same sex. Homosexual behaviours one sometimes seen in adolescence, but it is transitory and sporadic most of the time. In special circumstances, like in jail, the services, and in hostels, this behaviour is widely prevalent.

Social norms are unrelated to prevalence and sometimes you may encounter ‘homosexual sub cultures’ in some societies. When you taken prevalence in Sri Lanka, exclusive male homosexuality is about 6% and exclusive female homosexuality 2%. Most homosexuals tend to be alike in certain behaviours and they generally choose certain occupations like hairdressing, fashion designing and modeling.

In Sri Lankan culture, homosexual behaviour is not an expected normal behaviour and most parents of adolescents, who suspect their children of having a homosexual relationship, refer them to a physician or a psychologist for remedial therapy. Psychological management includes counselling, cognitive therapy, behaviour and modification therapy.”

He goes on to say: “Disorder of Gender identity or transsexualism is another form of alternative sexual disorder. Here the affected anatomically normal person believes that he or she is a member of the opposite sex. Behaviour modification therapy and sometimes surgery and hormones that alter the gender are used to correct the disorder”.

The article also talks about Paedophilia, Voyeurism and other forms of ‘alternate sexual behaviours’, in other words, giving the reader the idea that Homosexuals and Transgenders are all ‘disturbed’ persons with terrible disorders that need curing! He also mixes up gender identity and sexual orientation and refers to transgenders as those who have some kind of disorder that needs ‘fixing’!

How irresponsible is this man and this newspaper feeding this parcel of horse dung to the unsuspecting public who will, no doubt, lap it up in an effort to prove to their gay/lesbian/transgender children, that they are indeed psychologically disturbed and in need of curing.

Dr. R. A. R. Perera needs a refresher course in modern Psychology. Hopefully he will eventually bone up and figure out what makes the LGBTIQ community tick!