Iran: Police Chief Blames Homosexuality for the Collapse of Family Values in the West

October 19, 2007: General Esmail Ahmadi Moghadam, the head of Iran’s Law Enforcement Agency (ILEA), blamed homosexuality for the collapse of the family in the West, and accused the United States of embracing immorality and alcoholism as social values. Speaking at the Friday prayer service in Tehran, the capital, the Iranian police chief claimed: “ the West is leading to nowhere… Today, Communism [?] is dominant in Western societies, In those societies people challenge God’s laws and denying spirituality and [religious] values has become a norm.


According to the semi-independent Iranian News Agency, ISNA, Mr. Moghadam further added, “ this worldview has caused the West to operate like an economic institution, replacing morality, self-sacrifice and generosity with pleasure and having fun.” Reminding the audience of the collapse of families in the West, he added, “ They have accepted homosexuality as a value in their societies and then ask our president why homosexuality, immorality and consuming alcohol is not legal in Iran. These phenomena are embedded in the West.”


The Police Chief, who was a guest speaker at the weekly religious service, sharply criticized whose who oppose Sharia law, “ there are those who take advantage of the freedom of expression in Iran, using their poisonous pens to attack Islamic punishments as inhumane regulations that have prevented Iran from being accepted in International community.” He promised that the police forces will continue to crackdown on moral and social crime, as part of ILEA’s ongoing “Operation Improving Social and Moral Security”. He praised the crackdown as a successful campaign, “ Even if we had some doubts in the early stages of this operation, and some community leaders were concerned about the possible outcomes, today we think everyone agree that those measures were successful.”



  1. Amazing how safeguarding human rights is seen as promoting ‘immorality’ – these are the very persons who have sex with young boys on the side and pontificate about western immorality. Are they also not the ones that promote marriage between underage girls and older men? I find that reprehensible and more than just ‘immoral’. Rape is what comes to mind here.

  2. Dear Rabbit,
    The age in which a girl can be married is 14. In canada and US I believe it is 16.
    In iran for an actual case of rape, what you get is the loose, in canada you get bail and you can keep raping whoever the hell you want.
    I dont like the iranian government but I have not heard any cases of young boys molested by Iranians, I thought that was what the priests do…..

  3. Dear Arman,
    At what age are boys ‘allowed’ to marry? And what is this loose you get for an actual case of rape? Most cases of ‘rape’ that Iranian homosexuals are hanged for are not proven cases of rape. They are hanged only because they are gay. I find this immoral. I am against capital punishment whether it be for rape or for murder. I agree there are lapses in the justice system in Canada and the US but which sometimes allows rapists to go free. However they also don’t kill young men because they happen to be homosexual. And just because you haven’t heard about any young boys being molested it does not mean it never happens. It happens. And whether it is done by muslims or by christians, to me it is the same. No one should be above the law when it comes to pedophilia.

  4. What they say in the media is one thing, but what really goes on in Tehran is something else, for instance, Kish Islands which is a controversial group of islands between Iran and the UAE is buzzing with diverse sexuality 🙂 And with all due respect, ISNA isn’t really the right source with credible information. Ask the bloggers in Iran, they’ll paint you quite a different picture of realities on the ground.

  5. I am happy I found your site on bing. Thank you for the sensible critique. Me and my brother were just preparing to do some research about this. I am happy to see such great info being shared for free out there.
    Best Regards,
    Amal from Denver city

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