“There are no homosexuals in Iran”

Iranian President Ahmadinejad's contention during a speech at Columbia University 
that here are no homosexuals in Iran brought some heavy criticisms of the Iranian 
leader.  Taking questions from Columbia faculty and students who attended his 
address recently,  Mr. Ahmadinejad answered a query about the treatment of gays
in Iran by saying: "We don't have homosexuals like in your country. We don't have 
that in our country. We don't have this phenomenon; I don't know who's told you 
we have it."
 Perhaps the reasons there are not homosexuals in Iran is because the President 
orders them executed!  Imagine what it is like to live under a repressive regime such 
as Iran.  The ignorance and bigotry exhibited by state leaders and indeed ministers 
such as our own Minister of Health recently, sends shivers through the entire global 
community.  After all, Human Rights are not just about how straight or gay someone is.  
Diversity must be accepted if we are to go forward as humans who seek to develop 
and evolve.  
This reminds me of the time a group of women activists in Sri Lanka were asked 
about the situation in Sri Lanka for Lesbians and the reply was "we have no lesbians 
in Sri Lanka!”  Surely, one may ask, are people this ignorant?  Or is it that the 
proverbial ‘head in the sand’ syndrome just takes over.  Somehow, its hard to 
believe that people can be that narrow minded and closed.  Alas!  This phenomenon 
just keeps growing rather than diminishing.


  1. keep it up, though. continued education and advocacy will change the livees of thousands of gay people in Sri Lanka. i met a few while i was there…being gay myself, can sometimes spot them…they deserve full status just like everyone else!

  2. No gays in Iran, indeed! Perhaps this president needs a crash course in sociology or better still, perhaps he needs to just walk about in society in order to realise that he is talking through his hat! This is what is really pathetic…that world leaders…no, not just world leaders….many people…feel that if they do not acknowledge its existence it means it does not exist…how naive can you be? Wouldn’t be surprised if the guy has a harem of boys in his presidential palace! Perhaps its all about MSM after all…men having sex with men….not homosexuals! Duh!

  3. i am gonna show this to my friend, guy

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