Sinhala Newspaper Divaina calls for action against homosexuality in Sri Lanka

DIVAINA – Sunday 02nd , September

Writer: Mithra Sri Karunanayake.

The article written in the Sinhala newspaper Divaina features a one page spread on homosexuality and effeminate men and the problems they face as they get older. The writer goes on to speak about the number of them that are into commercial sex work to make a living. The article goes on to make some damning accusations against the Gay organisations operating in Sri Lanka and of the gay community in general.


The writer says that instead of being against homosexuality in Sri Lanka, there are several organisations and societies in Sri Lanka who are working to promote it. He goes on to say:


§ These organizations are strongly working in towns and are organizing parties in five star hotels and clubs to expand homosexuality in our country.

§ Foreign funds are flowing to these organizations to expand and improve homosexuality in Sri Lanka.

§ Behind the guise of World AIDS day some people have worked to improve homosexuality. They have given condoms to people and they are working to protect Homosexual rights. The organisations are Companions on a Journey, International lesbian and gays institute (ILGI) and international gays and lesbians Union. (IGLU) (where the writer got a hold of these phantom organisations one never knows!)

§ These NGO’s are working only to expand homosexuality around the world.

§ As a Buddhist country, we have to think whether these things are suitable for our country.

§ We can’t expect a solution from Christians who are protesting to get permission to getting married in the churches.

§ The Bible says having sex with a man like a women is a very bad sin; unfortunately, they are still unable to understand this.

§ We have to take action immediately like in Hebrew history where two cities Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because this is where homosexuals live.


  1. They may not be able to understand da Bible but as far as I understand Buddhism has nothing against homosexuality …when are Buddhists ever going to understand that there are bigger problems in this country than whose zooming who?
    Alchohol is what the fifth precept is all about so why dont we start by banning that first , if we all want to be nice little bathimathas?
    then maybe local guys wouldnt find it so easy to bash their wifes and hump their daughters …

    from al -mind-you-Im-a- Buddhist- Juhara

  2. Companions on a Jouney really is an organisation, so probably the others exist too.

  3. Dear David,
    Thanks for your comments. Yes, you are right, Companions on a Journey do exist. However, we meant the other two organisations listed in the article – ILGI and IGLU – they don’t exist!

  4. The pathetic part of all this is that newspapers print stuff without doing any research. Any old person with a grudge or an axe to grind can get their rocks of spewing hate and bigotry without any check. Sinhala Buddhist extremists at work!

    There is a great article taken from the EG newsletter which is on Groundviews….

    Worth a read and perhaps the author of this Divaina article should have a read as well!!!

  5. Author of the artical talks about sri lanka being a buddhist country but i think he dont understand who is a buddhist is. or what is a buddhist country is. as a buddhist monk i strongly say as far as i know and read, buddhism do not condemn homosexuality. thanks rabbit for recomending my article about buddhism and homosexuality. and thank equal ground for publishing it.

  6. your welcome Mihisara! I read the article and it was really good. It says it like it is and perhaps these extremist types should read the article and concentrate on what the Lord Buddha preached instead of getting all bent out of shape and twisting Buddhism to further their hidden agendas. this goes for most religions really. The Bible does not condemn homosexuality…it is man that uses the bible to condemn. The universal message of the Bible is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! and as John Lennon so succinctly put it: All you need is love!!

  7. OneIGLA –

    International Gay and Lesbian Gymnastics Union –

    In Sri Lanka, Homosexuality=pedophilia=prostitution=depravity.

  8. Not so surprising to see MSM (Main Stream Media) publish poorly researched articles, but never expected any of this, from a sister newspaper of The Island. Looks like this should be sent around the wires for awareness 🙂

  9. Justmal…somehow I don’t think its the International Gay and Lesbian Gymnastics Union that the writer is referring to. My guess is that he was trying to say the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) and the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC)!! somehow the Gymnastics Union doesn’t strike me as a threat to mr. Mithra Sri Karunanayake!!! Unless promoting same sex Gymnastics is seen as some kind of kinky sexual activity!!

  10. Duh.. irony is lost on rodents.

  11. Hmmm, how sad that religions get smeared with this. People in the US need to understand that they are the minority, and most people in the world have different value systems. Why promote liberal US politics in conservative nations! Does anyone see through the hypocrisy in imposing liberal thought! it is just as bigoted as imposing conservative thought.

  12. You have obviously chosen to be bigots; but please refrain from dragging in the corpse of The Buddha to ease your dirty work.

  13. @Justmal, I guess it’s a good thing that others don’t post their ironic hateful prejudicial tripe about you. I’ll keep many example pejoratives to myself.

    What’s the point in even bringing this draconian nonsense to light? If you could affect change in Sri Lanka, I would agree that it’s a good discussion, but why give a forum to these asses and some commenters that follow? The best argument I can see is trying to affect tourism revenue but, with no link to this issue as the cause, it’s meaningless.

  14. […] Newspaper in Sri Lanka hates on The Gays: Link. […]

  15. Interesting. Starts off talking as though they are buddhists… but then they invoke judeo-christian mythology (Sodom and Gomorrah) as a support for their point.

    Somethin’ stinks ‘ere, wot?

  16. […] Newspaper in Sri Lanka hates on The Gays: Link. […]

  17. I can’t understand why these writers do more research before they write anything. (It only take just to type gender identity in a search engine like Google. )
    No one to ask to be a homosexual or a transsexual person. If only this writer knew what it feels like to be a transsexual or a homosexual then he will never write anything like that. I’m saying that on behalf of all transsexual people in Sri Lanka. Cos I know wt it feels to be a transsexual person. You keep struggling yourself just to be what other people want you to be. If he only knew what we are going through. We are not asking for much bigger things. We are just asking just let us be ourselves. That’s all.
    I always say that I’m very proud to be a Sri Lankan. I really love this country. But each and every Day I look up to the havens and ask why I was born in this place. In this prison which I have pretend every bit of my life just to please others.
    You know it take a hell of lot just to live a single day of our life. This is the unheard side of every transsexual and homosexual person in this country. And if not for organizations like equal Ground we won’t have nobody.

  18. being a transgender,infact is a state of being in two worlds at the sametime.The mentality of a transgender definitely differs from that of an average person with quite a natural physique.A girlish face,wellgrown breast, and glowing soft skin “alas”couple with male genitals, what would one think of a creature of that nature?What actually is the real identity of a person of that nature?Childhood spent like a boy.But at the adolascence when the breasts start growing with the change of voice along with more girlish features appear ,parents get bewildered. The main problem they encounter is whether to dress “it” as a girl or a boy. and then the schooling.The child who has been used to male clothes suddenly is forced to dress up as a girl.I still can remember the first day on which I put on female shool uniforms.Underskirt,bra(which was very uncomfortable at the time) and a west.My mother didi not look at me directly.

    • i totally agree to you. I’m sinhala buddhist and i am proud about it. Our religion never advocate to have predijuice like this.I am alesbian and i have read this article and i felt devastated.He has pictured us as some kind of mentally ill people. he seems to be thinking homosexsuality r is some kind of a disease or some choice we took.According to him ifparents forced a child to be prime and proper all the feelings that they will have will be wiped off. All his examples in this article are turned out to be prostitutes or criminals orsome sadists. that is the way he picture us all. All his idea is to raise public awarness to this monstrous kind. I can’t beleive a person can be irrational this much. According to our countries conservative enviorment, nobody will choose a life that is filled with rejection denial and insult. Why can’t these people understand we didn’t choose to be homosexsuals like we choose some kind of a dress.Mental truma that homosexsual people go through is beyond discription.Does this person understand how it feels to hide yourself through out your life. Faking an interset on opposite sex just to save the family reputation and to avoid being publically humiliated and loosing everybody around you. How much painful it to hide your feelings and desires just to be socially acepted. What right does any of these so called journalist to force this kind of life on others, just to say our society is long held traditions are saved. As a sinhala buddhist girl I love my country and my religion and I know being a lesbian never deprived me from being a good Sri lankan or buddhist. I pray for a day that our country people will understand that homosexsuals are also human beings that have the right to be themselves and no man can force someone else to be whome they are not.

  19. I am a transgender and It is very difficult to be with people be.cos they try to harrase us.

  20. This journalist (and I don’t think he is befitting of the title) has written absolute hogwash. You cannot expand homosexuality. It is not elastic nor is it an illness that can be spread. Go ahead with the parties guys, its the only place you can be yourself in this country.

    Considering SL is looking like more and more like a bloody banana republic everyday, you would think journalists would have more pressing things to write about.

    And yes, the Bible is right – straight people and gay people don’t have sex the same way! Its just upto the interpretor on how they see it. After all it IS a translation and WAS written mllenia before it was translated into English!

  21. there are more homosexual person in sri lanka but they dont know about any organisation for them so the havent any leading . very often they suffer by this problem so your org shoud inform about homosex .

  22. Homosexuality may or may not be an illness, but it definitely is a lifestyle and could thus be “spread,” although perhaps not quite easily as butter.

  23. Justmal, Justmal…homosexuality is not a lifestyle baba…it is an identity. No one chooses to be a homosexual…they are born that way. some only find out late in life – after denying it most of their life – and others know, from the time they are kids, that they just are.

    When you say it is a lifestyle you are saying homosexuals have a choice. This is after all, not whether you go to the Gym 4 times a week or eat at the best restaurants…..or whether you go jogging or play squash or go to movies or prefer theater……

  24. Of course they have a choice you fascist rabbit. Being gay is not all that different from being a pedophile, emo, scotch drinker or a cricket fan. It is a lifestyle and an identity and no one is born to be anything. Genetics may play a role, but nurture is always more influential than nature.

    Mind that I’m not anti-gay. I could not care less whether you choose to sleep with a man or a woman. I don’t particularly approve of homosexuality, and I’d rather be straight than gay, but I don’t think I have the right to judge what other people do in the privacy of their bedrooms (or perhaps in this case, public toilets).

    Homosexuality certainly should not be illegal, but the reason for that must not be because gay people have no choice over their sexual orientation. I don’t think anyone in the world is exclusively gay or straight. Almost everyone in prisons have situational same-sex relationships, but it doesn’t mean that they are all born that way.

    I think your sort of reasoning evolved as a response to the bible thumping jesusfreaks in America who wanted to “convert” the gays and “cure” them. Homophobia nor homofascism have any place in the more enlightened quarters of the world.

  25. you really are that stupid justmal…..are you now an authority on homosexuality? you are such a condescending idiot. And we are not talking about extreme cases as that of prisons…we are talking about homosexuality in general – which is NOT a lifestyle but an identity. any one knows that except some hetero boy thinking he knows it all. don’t talk through your hat if you don’t know your subject matter. I am gay and I know why I am gay. Its my identity…not my lifestyle – GET IT? A lifestyle can be changed, homosexuality cannot. The people who call it a lifestyle are just reiterating what all homophobic morons think homosexuality is… Duh!

  26. Right, so what next, we let pedophiles be, because it’s their identity and they can’t change what they are? Man-child love Michael Jackson style! If you want to be faaaabulous that’s fine and I’m not going to stop you, but I still have a right to believe that what you’re doing is abnormal. Fucking a person of the same gender as yours is like eating clay, it might fill you up and even quench your hunger just the same, but that’s not the purpose of eating. Why do you people try to force your homofascist doctrine down our throats? If everyone were to become gay or lesbian, human civilisation will perish. Isn’t reproduction the ultimate purpose of sex.

    Intersex/transgender people have no choice, you do, just as a heterosexual can have situational homosexual relationships. No one is born gay any more than they are born to like a particular genre of music. Homosexuality is a learned behaviour.

    There’s a lot wrong with being gay, but just as it is with the clay-eaters, no one has a right to interfere with your private lives. So be gay all you want, but be tolerant of others’ right to disrespectfully disagree with you. I don’t like crass, dirty, loutish, uncultured men and I also don’t like sissy, prissy, arty-farty, effeminate ones – and it surprises me how the former attitude is acceptable, but the latter is “bigoted” or “homophobic”. I get hit on by diseased old gay men all the time, and I’m supposed to tolerate that without punching their teeth in, but if I were to do the same to a woman that would be sexual harassment.

    Btw, you say hetero as if it were an insult, and how do you even know that I am hetero and not homosexual or bisexual? Fascists are often more prejudiced than the phobes.

  27. Justmal I think you got everything confuced dear. Cos being gay, lesbian is not a life style. its hoe they feel. they have no choise. Its same as the Trassexuality. I have to say somthing about transsexualy here. cos it seems like most people tend to think transseauals are people who has some dificulties functioning as a male. but its not. transsexuals are people who feels like they are belong to the opposit sex. for example a man with all male capebilities may feel that he is a woman. its wt call brain sex. so like you saying eing transsexual is a life style believe me its not. Trus me i knw wt it feels to be transsexual. like you said if i have a choise i being a transsexual r not i am more than happy to be a so called normal person. but we are normal, only thing wrong is our brain sex is different to the physical sex. being homosexual is somthing like that. they dont have a choise. else wt else they should face all the missery by choosing it. they are homosexuals because thats hoe they are and thats somthing they cant chanege.
    one more thing you said being gaywill infulence others to be gay. its not somthing like that. you cant be gay if you are not gay. every one have set of feelings since they born. again same as being a transsexual. cos i allways love to do girly things. i have no idea about wt that feeling is. no one influence me. i felt so long. but as i grow up i found information and then found there are many more same as me. those datails helped me to clear things out. those details helped me to understand about me. but they didnt affect my thinking pattern. Homosexuality is same.
    If you think homosexualy is freeky, im sure you find transsexuals much freeky. But allways remeber that miro have two faces.

  28. That’s bullshit. Why can’t gays influence others to be gay? Isn’t that what happens in prisons, boys schools, orphanages and nunneries? So what if you like girly things tharushi. so do I. I’ve got more pairs of shoes than a girl, I spend more money on clothes and “product” a week than my girlfriend does, I listen to gay music, and I even sometimes go to gay clubs with my friends – but I’ve never had sex with a man and don’t want to. I don’t hate gay people, I’ve even got gay/lesbian friends and I think they all alright except for their sexual disorder.

    What I believe is that everyone’s physically and mentally capable of having sex with anyone or anything. It’s just that we prefer one gender and stick with it. A man pretending to be a train engine is not normal, and neither is one trying to be a woman. But they still have every right to be a train engine or a woman because no one can interfere with their private lives.

    If someone is eating clay, which doesn’t serve the biological purpose of eating but may still satisfy the mental incentive to eat, ie, hunger, that would not be normal. There’s a reason why humans have developed love, lust and sexuality through evolution – and that is to reproduce. Homosexuality is a sexual disorder, and in the absence of any credible scientific proof of a gay gene, it must be a learned behaviour.

    Most people are introduced to homosexuality by other homosexuals. Feminists have made it so hard for a bloke to have a normal relationship with a woman, so I’m sure many men, especially those who are effeminate, lack confidence etc would be comfortable being with a man.

  29. justmal…you do have a lot of anger and hostility towards gays don’t you? All of what you said, just reeks of ignorance and bigotry. Perhaps you got a little something from someone you didn’t wish to dally with, hence the venom. I know you are a heterosexual bigot because if you were a homosexual you wouldn’t be spewing this rot to begin with. No matter what is said and by who, your opinion is not going to change overnight because of the anger you have inside. You obviously relish this kind of exchange because you get your rocks off on it. You are so way off base with all of your accusations and comments -where exactly are you coming from? Closeted gay person, heterosexual and homophobic, just an asswipe? Which is it?

  30. Mate I’ve got a penis, an anus and a nice pair of thighs, and I can make a better gay than you are. I have no more hostility towards gay people than what I have against the disabled. It is you, the homofascists, who can’t tolerate any alternative opinion. How is it that it is acceptable to deride a bimbo but not a butch dyke?

    As I said earlier, gay people have a right to be gay. The question is, must one be born a homosexual to have that right, and does anyone – and this includes chronic pedophiles – who claim to have been “born” with an alternative sexual orientation, have the same right?

    There is no such thing as a closet homosexual. That is just a homo-fascist heterophobic slur. As Freud said, all humans are inherently bi-sexual.

    Why don’t you try to address some of the issues that the writer has raised? For example, what happens to Sri Lankan gays when they get older. Does the Sri Lankan society have a right to prevent gay organisations from spreading homosexuality? What is the purpose of homosexuality, and in the lack of any, is it simply a misdirected form of sexual expression?

  31. I have checked out your hate mongering blog site justmal….and you are definitely a piece of work. I don’t have to answer to you or anyone…..but apparently you just can’t stand being wrong can you? Get a life will ya….there’s too much hate in this world for all this crap.

  32. I agrree with Rabbit..
    Even my own familly who knw about me more than anyone else, cant understand wt i am saying, how can i convince others. So there is no point in arguing.

    Jasmal, You will understand wt we are saying if you are born as a homosexual or a transsexual.

  33. Homosexuality refers to sexual interaction and/or romantic attraction between individuals of the same sex. In modern use, the adjective homosexual is used for intimate relationships and/or sexual relations between people of the same sex, who may or may not identify themselves as gay or lesbian. …

    There are many schools, sects and sub-sects of Buddhism. As with Christianity, no consensus exists within Buddhism about gay and lesbian relationships. Buddhism is most concerned with whether an action is helpful, based on good intentions, and free of harm. This differs from the positions taken by Christian faith groups. They often evaluate a specific action itself, based on whether it is good or evil according to a system of morality derived from that group’s interpretation of the Bible.

    Apparently, the Buddha did not leave any teachings on homosexual orientation or homosexual behavior. He strongly encouraged his followers to “be a lamp onto yourself” — to examine and test the truth of religious teachings before accepting them.

    Many women, gays and lesbians have been attracted to Buddhism because of its relative lack of misogyny and homophobia, when compared to some other religions.

    English is a very imprecise language. There are often single words or phrases that have multiple meanings. Within the field of religion, many faith groups have existed largely in isolation from others. They have assigned a multitude of often unrelated and sometimes mutually exclusive meanings to a single word. For example, there are about 17 different definitions of “Witch”, seven of “cult” and five or six of “Pagan.” This leads to massive misunderstanding. It makes dialog almost impossible. “Homophobia” is another example of a single term with many different meanings.

    The word “homophobia” was invented by George Weinbert who defined it as “the dread of being in close quarters with homosexuals.” It grew to mean a general “fear of homosexuals or of homosexual behavior.” But the English language is in a continuous state of flux. Words develop different meanings as people develop new consensuses on their definition. This is why older translations of the Bible (e.g. the King James Bible of 1611 CE) are difficult for many people to read.

  34. It’s always astounded me how willing some in the gay activist community are to celebrate someone surgically altering their body to “become” who they perceive to be internally. Yet when I determine I want to reorient my sexual orientation, which does not require drastic surgery or body altering drugs, according to those same activists, I am the one doing damage to myself and others by simply holding to a particular worldview that brings me contentment and sexual reorientation. The transgendered are applauded for radically altering their bodies while I am scolded for holding the belief that I would be happier living out who I truly am regardless of my past life as a gay identified man. It’s ok for someone to ignore what they were obviously born as but for people like me … we are told being “gay” is genetic and should be embraced because we have no other option.

  35. In contemporary usage, the adjective gay usually refers to homosexual people. In earlier usage, the word meant “carefree”, “happy”, or “bright and showy”, though this usage is infrequent today. …

  36. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  37. jusmal ,

    you are very smart. you are really good with hiding your hate inside nice words and insult people indirectly. and as you are not gay, gay people can define homosexuality better than you. i preffer to except an explanation from a gay guy than you.

  38. […] of his articles in which he discussed male commercial sex work, effeminate men and homosexuality didn’t go down well. And I strongly disagree with the points he makes […]

  39. […] of his articles in which he discussed male commercial sex work, effeminate men and homosexuality didn’t go down well. And I strongly disagree with the points he makes […]

  40. Yes, the Bible condemns same sex relations between men -not between women who were totally irrelevant at the time:shame!-. And that is the reason why homosexuality is now decried in traditionally non-christian areas like Sri Lanka, because of Western inflluence brought along with colonialism. Christians nowadays have changed: if no harm is done to others there is no objection to your sexual orientation. Although the chirch’s hierarchy still opposes same sex activity, in private many clergymen approve of it. And, above all, the unstoppable trend all over the world is the acceptance of homosexuality as an option on an equal footing with the other option. And this is the fair, the rational, the humane, the civilized, the normal way of considering and treating our fellow human beings because there is nothing bad or good in one’s sexual preferences, for God’s sake! It is absolutely irrelevant.

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